(kicking in the womb)


3,100 miles on matching 1975 CB125’s. Two countries, nine states, two showers. Too many stories to tell.

Shooting in Rhode Island

Another set from Mount Washington 11/13. Started climbing too late so we had to walk 8 miles down the road back to the base. Only two on the mountain that day.

Rebuilt a moped for the girlfriend.

Picking up a new life ruiner in cape cod 4/1/14



Barnswallow | Josephine

Now open the door, come out of the rain.
Let out all your pain, seep through the cracks in the floor,
Leaving a stain in the dark wood grain.

You’re a literal idiot if you don’t like barnswallow

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Anonymous asked: Thank you for hiking up Mount Washington and not driving your car up there and buying a number sticker that says "this car has been up mount Washington." The sticker should really say "wow I'm lazy fuck who just drove up a windy road and think I'm a big deal."

F that S.